Fear and Love

What is your motivator – love or fear? Fear chases us forward. Love draws us ahead. Image

Fear is a liar; conquer it with the truth of love. You are loved and were born to love. 

Love your family and friends by spending time with them, being generous, uplifting, loyal, and interested in them. Love each other as God has loved us. Love deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. Love is putting other’s needs before our own. Love keeps one another accountable. Love by sharing your bacon. 

Love others by not judging them. That’s not to say I’m going to walk in a dark parking lot without some pepper spray. Caution and street smarts are a good thing. Love by wanting the best for them.

Love yourself by taking care of yourself, finding balance between work and play, choosing positive influences, and forgiving yourself when you need to. Love the adventures you have and the times you are by yourself and learning about life. 

Love your past by appreciating how it made you into the person you are. Appreciate the people the spent the time to care for you, teach you, and laugh with you. 

Love your present by working hard, playing hard, and investing into the future. Love your present by appreciating the blessings of your season. Love your present by blessing others. 

Love your future by looking forward with expectant joy. Dream of all the adventures ahead. Think how you can make it happen, and don’t worry in the process. 

Love the earth by daily hugging your tree. AKA go on beautiful walks and recycle.

Love your God by putting Him first in life. Love by giving all your mind, soul, and strength. Love by devotion and affection. Love by seeking Him and desiring to learn about Him. Love by seeking His path. Whether we are eating or working, blogging or painting, driving or reading, sleeping or star-gazing, we were made to love Him in everything we do. 

Fear as a motivator through life is like blindly running forward. Love is a choice and lifestyle that is unchanging. Love as a motivator will lead us to joy, peace, and grace. Everyday I’m learning about love and growth; it is a necessary ingredient to a happy and abundant life.


Ode to Chocolate

You are so sweet.

You are so smooth.

You are my friend.

You don’t complain.

You don’t judge.

You don’t leave.

You stay by my hips.

You sing to my taste buds.

I love you with sea salt.

I love you with almonds.

I love you with orange pieces.

You pair well with strawberries.

You end fights.

You end diets.

You start love,

You start riots.

I love you, chocolate.


Photo by:John Loo




One wave up and one wave down. Crashing and turning. Sometimes the happy things are sad for some odd reason. Sometimes the sad things are happy for a similar reason. A father hugging a daughter could bring a tear to the eye to someone who is missing a loved one. But then perhaps a laugh comes when an obese singer fails terribly on YouTube. Sometimes we laugh at other people’s embarrassment. Slowly, we realize that somehow in the mere existence of living for such a short time – we’ve become seemingly tainted by our own emotions and experiences that it seem to set us up for failure. And some of us find that our passions in life have turned from wanting to be an astronaut to being content where you are as long as no one else gets the job you want. No, truly not everyone is like this. However, most have tasted this reality.

Confusion hits and only one thing is sure: there’s a storm going on and it’s hard to see up and down. There’s hope. I swear, there’s an anchor.

What is the anchor in these times of life? Finances, jobs, and even the friends and family around you won’t last forever. Hobbies won’t keep you happy and safe. What is right in this world? Is the pain felt going to replace joy forever? Or maybe it’s going to teach us to find true joy that will stay. There’s hope.

When the seas roar and the mountains tremble, remember this too will pass – just as quick as it seemed to come. When people die all around you and when you feel cheated by the people closest to you, choose life.

Never stop choosing life. 


When the seas subside and the water is calm, everything seems right. Everything makes sense again and it almost seems like nothing happened, except that small bit of physical evidence – or lack of. Time to throw away the anchor.

No! For the love of God, don’t throw it out!

Too many times the storm arrives for round 2 or 27 and we can’t figure out where we put that ‘ol thing.

Find the anchor. Find your Truth. Keep it close and keep it dear. When the storms of life toss you about, remind yourself where you started and where you’re going. You might have to stay right there before continuing your journey, but at least you won’t be on the wrong side of the world when you realize where you are again.

Yours truly,




It’s difficult to stay positive and hopeful in a crazy, eventful, changing world. A world that seems like it changes too fast and too slow all at the same time. A world that simultaneously shows you everything you love and fear in the same breath.

Join me as I adventure on in this life to find hope, love, and peace in the smallest of things to the biggest of dreams. I find life in people, art, and music. This is where I see something bigger than myself. A Love grander than I can imagine.

And maybe, just maybe, my journey can help you on in yours.

Travel to the stars,